PSI Masquerade, an online action fighting death game.

Web Manual

Match Screen

  • In the PC version, the WASD keys are used to move and press these keys twice to dash. The right mouse button is used for normal attacks. When holding a weapon, click the mouse wheel to attack with it.
  • For all other controls, use the on-screen buttons by left-clicking on them.
  • On the battle screen, you can operate with the game pad.
  • In the mobile version, use the buttons shown on the screen by tapping on them.
  • In the PC version, the mouse wheel can be used to scroll through the menu icons. The actions of each menu icon can then be used by pressing the key that is displayed on the upper left of the action.
  • Press the W Key (up button in the smartphone version) to jump. Hold down the W key to jump higher.
  • Press the X key to crouch. Press the X key again to stand back up. While crouching, players make less noise moving. In the mobile version, press the round button located to the lower right of the directional pad to crouch.
  • Grab onto wire mesh by pressing the W key close to the wire mesh while jumping. In the mobile version, tap the up direction on the directional pad.
  • While jumping, when you come into contact with a wall, you can stop the character’s movement for an instant by moving in the direction towards the wall. If you keep pressing it, you can perform a wall jump.
  • Items and other players outside the player's field of view are not visible.
  • Items can sometimes be found by attacking fallen cardboard boxes.
  • When approaching an item, a button to pick the item up will appear on the screen.
  • When approaching stairs, a button to go up or down the stairs will appear on the screen.
  • During safe time, players cannot attack other players or use their ability.
  • Co-op requests can only be sent in a Battle Royale room that has cooperative play enabled. Both players must be within each other's field of vision to be able to send a co-op request.
  • When the co-op is over, the two players will not be able to attack each other for 7 seconds.
  • A player can only have one knife, sword, or pistol at any given time. If a player picks up a new weapon while already having a weapon, the previously held weapon will be dropped.
  • A player can only have one shield at any given time. If a player picks up a new shield while already having one, the previously held shield will be dropped.
  • Players can block attacks by crouching while holding a shield.
  • Medicines are used by throwing and breaking them.
  • All quick chat messages will be displayed to each player in their selected language. However, if you enter it freely, it will be displayed in the language you entered.

Menu Icons

Click the icons located on the lower right corner of the screen to display the buttons for each icon. Alternatively, long press the menu icon to select the action and release to execute.
Quick Chat Icon
Sends a quick chat message.
Co-op Icon
Sends a co-op invitation to another player or cancels a current co-op.
PSI Icon
Activates a player’s psychic ability and displays the description of the ability. Some abilities may not require activation and are not used through this icon.
Item Icon
Throws and uses an item.

Flow of Gameplay

Press the "Start" button on the title screen, choose a nickname, and register an account.

Select a preferred character.

Select your resion.

On the entrance screen, press the "Online Match" button.

On the online match screen, press the "Create Room" button to create a room, or enter a player-created room shown on the room list.

Once all players have entered the room, each player will be randomly assigned a psychic ability and the match will begin.

Once the match begins, safe time will start. During safe time, players cannot attack other players or use their ability. Safe time is intended for players to search for items or look for other players to start a co-op. Depending on the settings of the room, safe time can be disabled.

Once safe time is over, the game’s music will change and players will be able to attack each other.

When the match is over the “to Result” button will appear. When the "to Result" button is pressed, the result screen will appear. On the result screen, players may send friend requests and save the match replay.

Return to the entrance screen.


Health Point. Health points are a player’s life. HP decreases as a player takes damage. When a player’s health points reach 0, the player dies.
Psychic Point. Psychic points are a player’s psychic stamina. PP decreases as psychic abilities are used. If a player does not have enough PP, they will not be able to use their psychic power.
Silver Token
In-game currency. Silver tokens can be obtained by registering an account or participating in weekly rankings. Silver tokens can be used to purchase favorite abilities, mutation medicine, lives, etc. Some items cannot be purchased with silver tokens.

Title Screen ~ Account Registration

Title Screen

"Start" Button
Pressing the "start" button will take the player to the account registration screen. If a player has already registered an account, the "start" button will be replaced by the "login" button. Once a player completes their account registration or logs in, they will be taken to the entrance screen.
On the account registration screen, simply enter your nickname. Nicknames can contain alphanumeric characters and some symbols.
Nicknames are visible to other players. Please do not include any personal information and inappropriate words in your nickname.
Once registration is complete, a transfer code will be displayed. A transfer code is required to transfer an account to another device. Please keep it in a safe place. Players may check their transfer code at any time by going to "Account" on the entrance screen.
"Transfer Account" Button
Enter the nickname and transfer code of the account on the previous device to transfer the account to the new device.
Once an account is transferred to another device, the account will become unusable on the previous device. However, if you would like to play on the previous device again, all that is required is to re-transfer your account back to the previous device. It is also possible to transfer an account from the smartphone version to the PC version, and vice versa.
Replay data and notification history will not be transferred and will remain on the previous device.

Select a Preferred Character

  • Once a player completes their account registration, they will be prompted to select a preferred character.
  • The player’s preferred character will be the first character selected when a character is displayed. For example, on the outfit settings screen or the room creation screen.
  • When a player enters a room, either randomly or through invitation, their chosen character will most likely be their preferred character.
  • Preferred character settings can be changed by going to "Settings" on the entrance screen.

Entrance Screen

Favorite Abilities
The % of each favorite ability represents the percentage of the ability being chosen to become the player’s psychic ability for the match.
Favorite abilities can be unlocked by using "Silver Tokens" or by purchasing them from the in-game store about 50% or more.
After 7 days have passed since unlocking, it will be locked again.
Players can set any abilities they have experienced as their favorite abilities.
Experienced Abilities
A list of all experienced abilities
Outfit Settings
Change the appearance of characters.
View saved match replays.
Replay data is not transferred when transferring an account.
Other settings.
A list of who the player follows, who follows the player, and the player’s friends. Send friend requests to followers or delete friends.
History of notifications. Notification history is not transferred when transferring an account.
Change various settings such as the prioritized character, volume, etc.
Displays rankings. There are weekly and cumulative rankings. Weekly rankings reset every week.
Players can change their nickname and check their transfer code.
to Title
Returns to the title screen.
Online Match
Displays online match screen.

Online Match Screen

Create Room
Create a room
Join Random Room
Automatically join a random joinable room. If there are no joinable rooms, the player will not be able to join any rooms.
Search for Private Room
Searches for and displays rooms with passcodes.
to Entrance
Returns to the entrance screen.
Room List
The list on the left half of the screen shows rooms created by other players. Tap a room to join.

Create Room Screen

Pressing the “Create Room” button on the online match screen displays the create room screen.
Game Mode
In the current version of the game, players can choose between two game modes, Battle Royale and Team Battle.
Battle Royale is a game mode that does not end until there is only one survivor or time runs out.
Team Battle is a game mode in which teams fight other teams. Teams and teammates are randomly chosen. Players can see the HP, PP, and abilities of their teammates if they are within the player’s field of vision. Team Battle does not end until all but one team is eliminated or time runs out.
Time limit
This is the time limit of the match. If the match does not end before the time limit, the bomb attached to each player’s neck will explode, killing all players and ending the game.
Safe Time
Starting from the beginning of the match, players cannot use abilities or attack other players until the time set has passed. Safe time can be disabled.
In the current version, the only selectable place is "Plant".
Co-op Mode
The Battle Royale game mode can be set so that players can start co-ops with other players. If co-op is set, players can ask other players to cooperate with them during the match. Once a co-op is established, the two players will not be damaged by each other's attacks. Co-op cannot be set in rooms that have a capacity of 4 or fewer players. Co-op cannot be set in the Team Battle game mode.
Team Survival
By turning team survival on, the Battle Royale game mode’s rules can be changed so that a co-op (2 players) can win the match. If turned on, the match will end when all players not in a player’s co-op die. If turned off, a player’s co-op will automatically end when there are 2 remaining survivors.
Players may set a passcode for their room. Only players who know the passcode can join the room.
Invite friend
Friends can be invited at the same time the room is being created. The invited player will receive a push notification on their phone. When the invited player opens the app, a notification will appear on their in-game screen as well. In the PC version, a notification will appear on the in-game screen.
If the player being invited is playing on the PC version of the game, they will only be able to be invited while they are logged in.

Joining Rooms ~ Match ~ Results

Waiting for Players Screen

After a room is created or joined, this screen will be displayed until all players have joined.
"Let's start the match" Button
In the Battle Royale game mode, the "Let's start the match" button will appear on-screen when the number of players in the room reaches one less than the maximum number. The "Let’s start the match" button is only visible to the room creator.
When the room creator presses the "Let's start the match" button, the "Agree" button will appear on each of the other players’ screens. If all players press the "Agree" button, the psychic ability confirmation screen will appear.
Once the room’s maximum player capacity has been reached, without the need for agreement from the other players, the psychic ability confirmation screen will automatically appear.
The "Let's start the match" button is not displayed in the Team Battle game mode.
"Delete Room" Button
The "Delete Room" button is only visible to the room creator. Pressing the "Delete Room" button will delete the room and kick all players out.
"Leave Room" Button
The "Leave Room" button is only visible to players who joined the room. Pressing this button will leave the room.
"Add a bot" Button
Add a bot. Up to 5 bodies. Cannot be used in two-person rooms or team battles.

Psychic Ability Confirmation Screen

When the room’s maximum player capacity has been reached, this screen will appear. A description of the player’s randomly chosen psychic ability will be displayed. After this screen, players will not be able to delete or leave the room until the match is over.
The description of the player’s psychic ability is displayed on the left side of the screen. The list on the right side of the screen displays the psychic abilities of the other players. It is not known which player has which psychic ability.
"Ready" Button
After confirming your psychic ability, press the "Ready" button. Once all players have pressed the "Ready" button, the match will begin. Players have 60 seconds to press the "ready" button. If one or more players do not press the "ready" button within the given 60 seconds, the match will automatically begin.
"Use Mutation Medicine" Button
If the player possesses Mutation Medicine, they can use it to change their psychic power. Mutation Medicine can be bought from the in-game store. If the match does not start due to an error, any used Mutation Medicine will not be consumed.

Match Screen

Please confirm the interface of the match screen.

Results Screen

When the match is over and the "to Result" button is pressed, this screen will appear. Players may send friend requests and save the match replay on this screen. Friends are established when both players follow each other. Check the "Save Replay" box in the lower right corner to save the replay for later viewing. Once you have checked the boxes on this screen as needed, press the arrow button located in the upper right corner of the screen to return to the entrance screen.

Differences Between Mobile and PC Versions

The mobile version includes the same features as the PC version however, unlike the PC version there will be advertisements that appear.

The PC version of PSI Masquerade will be available for purchase on Steam. Unlike the mobile version, the PC version will not use push notifications to send battle invitations to offline friends. Instead, battle invitations will be sent through an in-game notification system. Due to this, players on the PC version will only be able to send battle invitations to online friends.


Character Voice
Taka Ryu Kai Shin / Baron Yamazaki
Maya Ai / Yuka Kanematsu
Ritsu Saki / Fukada Mahiro
Animated Graphics and Character Design
Character Illustration
OPTPiX SpriteStudio is used for animation production