PSI Masquerade, an online action fighting death game.

Psychic Abilities

These are only some of the psychic abilities that appear in PSI Masquerade. In addition to these psychic abilities, there are also many others that appear in the game.

Poisonous Fog

Creates a poisonous fog that spreads and disperses for 10 seconds around the player who activated Poisonous Fog.

Physical Strengthening

For 10 seconds, punch, kick, knife, and sword power are greatly increased, and all incoming damage is reduced by 2 (incoming damage can not be reduced to less than 1).


Telekinesis lets the player manipulate items in their possession by levitating them in the air. While using Telekinesis, the player cannot move, and their PP will decrease in small increments. If the item being controlled is attacked, or the player takes incoming damage, or PP is reduced to 0, Telekinesis will be interrupted.


Fully restores the player’s HP. Alternatively, restores the HP of all players within a circular area, including the player who activated Restoration.

Time Stopping

Time is stopped for 8 seconds and only the player who activated Time Stopping can move. All actions made during the 8-second period of time will be unknown to other players. During this time, the player who activated Time Stopping cannot attack, or pick up items.